Obtain FOR FREE your Ecostars® hotel rating

Ecostars is the first eco certification free of charge and easy to evaluate

Free of charge

No issuance nor maintenance cost, fully free of charge to allow your hotel to convey a more sustainable appearance.

Easy to use

Evaluation in less than 5 minutes, online, and based solely in your hotel’s energy and water consumption data (confidential).

Under control

You decide if want to make your rating public or not. Diffussion of your Ecostars level is in your hands.

Tourism's greener future does not mean ecotourism.

But rather based on sustainability: both economic (cost reduction) and enviromental (energy and water consumption reduction), while attracting customers and increasing their loyalty.

Tourism sustainability is a growing demand: 7 out of 10 travelers demand hotels to be more ecological


Think we need to act now and start taking more sustainable travel choices


Would be more willing to book a certain hotel if they knew it’s more sustainable than the other alternatives


Say would feel better if their accomodation had an ecological certification

Source: Booking.com Global Sustainable Travel Report (link to report) 

Obtain your hotel eco rating, measured from 1 to 5 Ecostars.

Differentiate from your competitors on the eyes of 70% of travelers, thus increasing your revenues. Additionally, while growing your Ecostars rating your hotel will decrease its energy and water consumption costs.

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